About Me

I hope you find some good recipes here.

So many recipe books spend pages on equipment and techniques. And the recipes follow that old-fashioned format of appetizers, entrees and desserts. Here, I capture whatever I am cooking.  When necessary, I will mention certain equipment and techniques and why you need them.

I am usually cooking for one, sometimes two. So, instead of having a week’s worth of leftovers, most of the recipes have been scaled back for one or two.


I was a programmer for over 30 years. It’s a solitary pursuit suitable to my personality or for that matter, nut jobs that want to live off the grid. I’d live off the grid except I don’t think you can get the cooking shows on PBS.

Programming and cooking are similar in that each requires a certain progression of steps to reach a desired goal.

Survival cooking was my start: scrambled eggs; pancakes; sandwiches; boiling pasta, grilling a burger and so on. Even so, making the perfect scrambled egg or grilling a burger to the correct temperature is actually no easy feat.

I learned to follow a recipe. I learned some basic skills and techniques. I am self-taught and I love to cook. Once again, I hope you enjoy some of the recipes.

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